Eating Out in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh



Bangladesh is famous for it's exotic foods which are undoubtedly finger-licking good. From local food to international cuisine, from cheap foods to very expensive dining arrangement, everything could be found in Dhaka.

International Cuisine:

There are a lot of exotic restaurants in Dhaka which serve Continental, Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisine. These restaurants are scattered throughout the city but most of the prestigious ones are located at the Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani and Uttara area. Prices are quite reasonable and many of these restaurants have arrangements for Buffet at a very reasonable price.

Bengali Cuisine:

You can find authentic Bengali cuisine all around the country. Favorite and lip smacking snacks like Jilapi, Halim, Chatpoti and Phuchka are sold in mainly the market areas such as the New Market and Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. Many local restaurants serve smashed fishes and vegetables and a very famous one is Nirob in the old Dhaka area near Bakshibazar.

Mughal cuisines:

Biryani, Tehari, Kebab and similar Mughal cuisines are also available throughout the city. Some places of the old city are very famous for these foods. Some very famous restaurants like Alauddin has branches in many places of the Dhaka city.

Fast Food:

Many internationally recognized fast food chains are now operating in Bangladesh including KFC and Pizza Hut. Both of these fast food chains have shops in Dhanmondi and Gulshan and also in Chittagong.

Food Hygiene:

Most of the up-market restaurant maintain food hygiene but some of the cheap restaurants may not always maintain food hygiene. Have a look at the restaurant first to get an idea about the hygiene practice of the restaurant.

Drinking Water:

Tap water in Dhaka and other areas of Bangladesh are not generally considered as safe. It is always better to buy bottled water which are available almost everywhere. If bottled water is not available, it is recommended to boil the water before drinking.




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