General Tips for Bangladeshi Travelers / Tourists



Mobile Phone

SIM cards and call rates of a Mobile phone is very cheap in Bangladesh. You can buy a SIM card and prepaid top-up cards from shops located in almost every corner of Dhaka and other cities. There are Six Mobile operators in Bangladesh and you use your existing mobile phone set with the new SIM card of all of the operators except Citycell. For more details you can visit here.

If you are visiting Bangladesh for a short period, you can use the internet connection provided by the Mobile phone companies. You can use your mobile phone as a modem or buy an USB modem. If you are visiting for a long time or if you need to use internet heavily, you can get internet connection from Wimax internet providers such as Qubee and Banglalion.  

Currency and Money exchange

The name of Bangladesh Currency is Taka. It is often termed as BDT or Bangladeshi Taka. Currently the exchange rate is: 1 USD = 82 BDT. For the most recent rates and exchange rates with other currencies you can visit here. You can exchange money in banks and money exchanger locations. But it is always safe to use Banks.

Credit Cards

International credit cards are accepted in selected locations of Dhaka, however, many shopping centers and other places do not accept credit cards. If you do not have local currency with you, always check whether the shop/restaurant/point of sale do accept international credit cards or not. Even if they accept credit cards, it is always better to pay in local currencies. 

ATM Machines

ATM machines are numerous in Dhaka and many of them accepts international VISA and Mastercard cards. Almost all of the ATM machines of Bangladesh would deliver local currency - Bangladesh Taka - even if you access you foreign bank account or credit card account through these ATM machines. If you need to withdraw any other foreign currency, you may need to visit the bank branches.

Courier and Postal Service

There are many local and a few international courier services operate in Bangladesh. Among the local courier services one of the most reliable is Continental Courier Service and among the international courier services, there are DHL and FedEx.




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